Corey Beecher

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust         From July 1999 – Present Day

Cardiac Exercise Specialist responsible for planning, delivering and maintaining the regular exercise component of the Cardiac Recovery programme.

COREY – Fitness Consultant From January 1999 – Present Day

Fitness Consultant operating local exercise classes along with 1-1 and group sessions. Areas of specialty

Cardiac Recovery

Assisting people to recover from a cardiac event and supporting through the rehabilitation process and beyond. Developing a scheme including exercise, health education and ongoing physical development. Walking – training to make the most efficient use of your body.

Circuit Training

the use of exercises ranging through  a whole body approach using muscle groups in rotation.

Gym sessions

using conventional gym equipment such as treadmills, upright bikes, free weights and floor exercises.

Motivational Interviewing

using techniques similar to Neuro Linguistic Programming to assist people through their personal development and belief system advances.

Swimming Instruction

from the complete beginner to advanced swimmer developing a programme to such every level of experience.

Health Education

advising on all matters of health from nutrition to activity in sedentary positions. Seated Exercise – working in Care Homes, Hospital Trusts and individual homes delivering seated exercise for those unable to perform the normal exercise formats. Exercise Goal setting – linking with the motivational interviewing working with people to set themselves sensible, achievable and realistic goals. Supporting through the process to achieve the positive results required. My current client list includes Cardiac patients, stroke patients, people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetic patients, those wishing to control their weight and those suffering from Muscular Dystrophy.


A series of 5 levels of Cardiac Exercise DVD Written, Performed and produced by me.

Guides and Books

A guide ‘Your Cardiac Journey’ a guide from your cardiac diagnosis through to returning to work. A cardiac Exercise book with a plan to include a walking DVD are being viewed by publishers.

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