‘Creating positive Aesthetics experiences’
I am a registered nurse with a BSc in Adult Nursing. Alongside The Rural Aesthetics Clinic, I practice nursing within the NHS and am currently undertaking training at a Masters Level to become an Emergency Nurse Practitioner.

All of my aesthetics training has been with Cosmetic Courses which is the UK’s longest established provider of Botox training. Cosmetic Courses is a medical trainer, led by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards and his handpicked team of experts.

Consultations are all private and carried out with experienced healthcare professionals, and are all individualised offering you a tailored treatment to your needs.

The highest quality products are used for all treatments, I specialise in the brands Juvederm, Allergan and Neostrata.
Aesthetic Treatments:
Anti-ageing and dermal filler:
  • Lip Filler
  • Facial Filler
  • Cheek Fillers
  • Botulinum Toxin for frown, forehead and smile lines *suitability will be assessed.
Skin Rejuvenation:
  • Glycolic Peels
  • Retinol Peels
  • Skincare Advice
To discuss any services or to see treatments carried out, and to book in for a consultation or treatment please visit my social media pages:
Facebook Page: The Rural Aesthetics Clinic
Instagram Page: ruralaesthetics_clinic
Or email : Rural_aesthetics@icloud.com or phone Harley Street Consulting Clinics on 01234 247414

Gallery Aesthetics
here to help you achieve your aesthetic goals

Our full time, resident aesthetics clinic specialise in non-surgical, facial aesthetic rejuvenation, using lasers, injectables and peels, carried out only by experienced medical professionals.

We are committed to our aim to help you improve your appearance and achieving your aesthetic goals, by reducing, improving and preventing the visible signs of ageing, and enhancing your natural beauty.

Our consultations are without obligation and we take our time with each client, ensuring you have all the information you require to make an informed decision on your prospective treatment plan.

Each client is an individual and treated as such, therefore we provide a bespoke service, tailoring your individual treatment plan to you personally.

We are committed to continued education, keeping abreast of new techniques & products on the market, therefore bringing to our clients what we believe to be the best service and treatments available.

We specialise in the newest techniques, offering training masterclasses to already qualified practitioners.

To discuss our services or how we may be of help, please email us at info@galleryaesthetics.com or call 01234 247414.

For further information on our services or to book online please go to our website. We look forward to seeing you soon!


It’s not just about the treatment, it’s about the experience! My name is Alexandra and I have been a registered midwife for the past 8 years, which I find wholly rewarding, to support women and their families at one of the most precious times in their lives. This led me to delve into a career in aesthetics to offer support in a different way, aesthetics is not just about vanity, it’s about building confidence, it’s about emotional well-being and being the best version of you!

I completed my training with Medics Direct, Harley Street in 2014 and went on to complete my advanced training with them one year later. I was taught with a focus on offering my clients a very natural look, so they look revitalised and fresh rather than ‘done’! I offer wrinkle reducing treatments to target forehead lines, neck lines and lines around the eyes and treatments to stop excessive sweating. I also offer lip enhancement and volume restoration using dermal fillers to reduce the effects of aging on the face and create a more, plump youthful image. Please call the clinic today for a full and thorough consultation to discuss your needs.

Anti-wrinkle injections: 1 Area £170
2 Area’s £220
3 Area’s £270
Dermal Fillers: Starting from £199

I do not like to charge per ml or per area as every face is unique and different and so together, we can discuss your area’s of concern and appropriate treatment, dependent on the look you would like.
Joanne Miller
Qualified Nurse Practitioner Joanne graduated with a bachelor’s degree 2nd class honours in Adult Nursing from the University of Bedfordshire in 2014, Joanne has built up extensive knowledge and experience over the years in surgical and emergency settings within the NHS.

Joanne now offers none invasive aesthetic treatments at the clinic.

These treatments include, Micro- needling using the skin pen, Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning , Luxury Facials & Anti-Wrinkle injections. Also a stockist for one the top leading skin care companies in the world, Z0 Skin Health by Dr Zein Obagi.

Empowering you to look and feel your confident best, because I believe that real beauty is achieved by feeling truly confident in who you are. My main vision is to initiate natural beauty striving towards a less is more look whether it’s aiming to correct skin concerns or enhance natural beauty.

Anti Wrinkle Injections – From £150
Micro Needling – From £110 (Courses available)
Dermaplaning – From £50
Anna Zamczyk
Anna Zamczyk Skin Clinic Aesthetic Pharmacist Specialist Harley Street Aesthetic Services

If you would like to change your appearance, keep your youth or maintain your looks – rest assured you are in safe and good hands.
I am an experienced Independent Prescriber Clinical Pharmacist with extensive medicial and management background. I hold a Master's in Pharmacy and have 15 years of industry experience in the private, secondary and primary healthcare sectors.

My passion for excellence in care and beauty therapies naturally pushed me towards aesthetic medicine. Medical University gave me in-depth knowledge about human skin and muscle anatomy and how hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin will work on different faces. That is why you can expect great results

Aesthetic treatments I gained my training at Dr Zack Ally Derma Medical Training Academy at Harley Steet in London. I finished the Foundation and Advanced training courses to use botulinum toxin type A and dermal fillers. I have completed vseveral accredited training courses including but not limited to Lip Filler Masterclass to use dermal fillers at derma medical training academy.and Advanced Masterclass in Facial Contouring Course. I have completed my Clinical Diploma and Independent Prescribing at Keele University, to deliver to my patients the best care possible.

Dont hesitate, book today . It's the best time to book your free consultation with me.
I am confident that I will meet expectations.

Telephone: 07479 687014
Website: www.annaskinclinic.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnaSkinClinicUK/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annaskinclinic/


Anti-Wrinkle Injections – 1 area£150
Anti-Wrinkle Injections – 2 areas£190
Anti-Wrinkle Injections – 3 areas£230
Additional Areas:
Bunny Lines, Pebbled Chin, Gummy Smile,
Downturned Corners of Mouth (DAO)
£50 each area
Brow lift Procedure£100
Gummy Smile Elimination Treatment£100
Teeth Grinding Treatment/ Jawline Slimming Injections£250
Neck Lift Treatment (Nefertiti Neck Lift)£300
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) Treatment£300 both underarms

Dermal Fillers

Nose to mouth lines (Nasolabial) 1ml filler£250
Nose to mouth lines (Nasolabial) 2ml filler£400
Corner of mouth lines (Marionette) 1ml filler£250
Corner of mouth lines (Marionette) 2ml filler£400
Hands rejuvenation 1.5ml£350
Hands rejuvenation 3ml£600
Lip Enhancement – 1ml £200
Lip Enhancement – 2ml (Over 2 Sessions)£375
Cheekbone Fillers/ Cheek Enhancement/ Lift – 1ml£300
Cheekbone Fillers/ Cheek Enhancement/ Lift – 2ml£450
Prejowl Sulcus Filler – 1ml£250
Jawline Filler (Jaw Definition and Enhancement) – 2ml£450
Jawline Filler (Jaw Definition and Enhancement) – 4ml£850

Special Packages/ Offers

– x3 areas Upper Facial Anti-Wrinkle injections &
2ml Facial Fille
“No-Knife Facelift”
– x3 areas Upper Facial Anti-Wrinkle injections &
3ml Facial Filler
“The Kylie Look”
– 1ml Lip Filler & 2ml Cheek Filler & Jawline Slimming Botox with Browlift
Dont hesitate- book today It's the best time to book your free consultation with me.

Telephone: 07479 687014
Website: www.annaskinclinic.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnaSkinClinicUK/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annaskinclinic/
Welcome to Pro Dermis UK

Victoria Doyle offers a wide range of skincare and skin booster treatments that can be personalised to suit your needs.

Having trained extensively with industry leaders for 24 years from around the world to become established as an Advanced Specialist.

As a client of Pro Dermis UK you will receive the latest techniques bespoke to you at exceptional value. Every treatment is carried out to a very high standard, and you will be taken through the process step by step and provided with practical and theoretical knowledge so you feel completely at ease throughout.

Based in the Harley Street Consulting Clinic in Great Denham.
Initial Consultation £35
Duration : 30 Minutes
An initial consultation is required for all new customers. We will discuss what you want to achieve from your treatment, as well as making sure you’re a suitable candidate.
I will create a treatment plan that works for you.
Profhilo® Treatment
Starting from £250 per treatment
Profhilo – Rebuild Collagen & Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
For best results you will need Two Profhilo treatments Four weeks apart, results are seen immediately but the second treatment is where you will really see noticeable results. The results of your treatment can last you up to 6 months or longer with proper maintenance.
Procedure Time - 30 Mins
Back to Work - Immediately
Anaesthetic - Topical
Full Recovery - 2 - 3 Days
Sensitivity Period - 24 Hours
Duration of Results - 6 -12 Months
Risks of Complications - Swelling, Bruising
Sunekos® Treatment
Starting from £200 per session
Nourishing and stimulating Treatment for a healthy skin
Initial treatment is administered over 4 sessions, 1-2 weeks apart, depending on the area to be treated, and full results are seen after 3 months. Evidence shows that benefits are still present after 6 months. Additional treatment might be considered as and when required to maintain the effects. This might be one every few months, or a full course once or twice a year.
Procedure Time - 30 Mins
Back to Work - Immediately
Anaesthetic - Topical
Full Recovery - 2 - 3 Days

Sensitivity Period - 24 Hours
Duration of Results - 6 -12 Months
Risks of Complications - Swelling, Bruising

Get The Best Non-Surgical Anti-ageing Treatment, That Is Proven Safe, Effective And Long Lasting