Miss Thanga Katimada

Perineal Clinic
Miss Thanga Katimada has a special interest in problems relating to the perinium which women suffer after child birth. She lead a very successful project called the Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury Care Bundle in her role as consultant in Bedford Hospital to reduce the number of women suffering tears to the perinium at child birth extending to the muscles of the back passage. The Latter called Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury is a major cause for incontinence to urine wind and faeces after child birth. This project saw a reduction in the rate of injury from 3-4 % to less than 2% most months year on year.

She also has an interest in perineal health after childbirth and offers consultations for women who have
- Scarring of the perineum
- Pain in the perineum
- Problems associated with healing of perineal wounds
She offers minor procedures under local anaesthetic to
- Treat Painful or difficulty in intercourse due to narrowing of the vagina from scar tissue.
- Refashioning of depressed or unsightly scars on the perineum.

Consultation £160

For Appointment:

Tel:07535502085 | 01234 247414