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About us

I am Pranita Salunke, with more than 16 years of NHS and international clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist and Preventive Cardiology Specialist, I have helped many people lose weight (up to 5 stones), reverse diabetes , improve heart health and importantly JOY and Wellbeing.

I achieve these results with The Vitality Health Model which I created - a unique combination of modern medicine and ancient wellbeing philosophies.
I believe that great health is not only our birthright but also our number 1 responsibility.
My mission is to inspire and influence people s to cultivate and work towards great health and wellbeing, so that they can enjoy life to the full, fulfil their purpose and leave the legacy for which they have been placed on this planet Earth.

Some of the elements is included in the services ; Lifestyle strategies of healthy eating, activity ,pain management
Emotional Wellness
Environmental modification and family consultation.

We work with specialist GPs,and consultants , physiotherapists, osteopaths, personal trainers, massage therapists and a variety of other health and wellness practitioners to provide you with a highly-individualised program, designed to help you successfully embrace a positive, healthy lifestyle.

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