Mr. MAQ Qureshi

Foot and toe nail care. Curly and hammer toes, bunions treatment and advice. Diabetic and Rheumatoid wound care Corns and callus (hard) reduced with scalapel Verrucas treated with salicylic acid, silver nitrate and verruca dry needling by tibial block. Excessive hard skin hyperkeratosis reduced with scalpel and using moore discs.

Biomechanics assessment of foot ankle and lower limb alignment. foot pain sports injury and dance injuries treated by chair side or custom made insoles/orthotics prescribed. Foot & Ankle joints, muscles ligaments sprains and tendinopathies treated by exercises and stretches, insoles, mobilisation and manipulation and foot injections

Running Gait analysis is a method for identifying biomechanical problems Diagnosis and treatment. Orthotics and footwear advised. Pressure plate analysis measures the forces going through the feet in walking and running. it also shows the distribution of body pressure on feet.

Steroid injection in foot & ankle joints and Morton's neuroma Corn and hard skin area can he cushioned for comfort with dermal filler injection. (PRP) Platelets rich plasma therapy injection for chronic pain.

Acupuncture and dry needling for pain relief and cure Foot ankle lower leg and knee pains Ultrasound imaging scan for diagnosing foot pathologies like Planter fasciitiis Achilles tendon and Morton's neuroma. ULTRASOUND GUIDED FOOT & ANKLE INJECTIONS

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