Mr Habib Charfare

MR Habib Charfare MBBS, DNB, FRCS, FRCS(Gen)


Professional Qualifications
Aug 2013                               PG Cert, Med Edu (University of Beds)
Nov 2000                               FRCS (Gen), Intercollegiate Board Examination, Edinburgh
Feb 1993                                FRCS, Glasgow, U.K.
Nov 1991                               DNB, Diplomate of the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, India
Jan 1989                                MS, Bombay University
Dec 1985                               MBBS, Bombay University


GMC Registration

Full Registration - No. 4171069 CCST: 10th Nov 2004

Career Details:

Current Position:
18 April 2005:                    Consultant Surgeon and Clinical lead Breast
                                          Breast/ endocrine and laparoscopic Surgery)
                                          Bedford hospital
                                          Kempston Road
                                          MK42 9DJ
                                          Editorial Board of British journal Medical practitioners

Previous Appointments:

February 2005 – March 2005:                      Clinical Fellow
                                                                      Royal Hallamshire hospital
                                                                      Supervisor: Mr B Harrison

October 2004-11-22                                      SpR Surgery
                                                                      Ipswich Hospital, Ipswich
                                                                      Supervisors: Mr T J Archer/ Miss C Mortimer

October 2003 to Sep 2004                           SpR Surgery/ Breast & Endocrine Unit
                                                                      Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge
                                                                      Supervisors:     Mr AD Purushotham/ Mr G Wishart
                                                                      Mr P Forouhi

October 2002 to September 2003                 SpR Surgery/ Breast/Endocrine & General Surgery
                                                                      Norfolk & Norwich
                                                                      University Hospital
                                                                      Supervisors:     Mr. DNL Ralphs/ Mr. SD Scott

October 2001 to September 2002                 Research Fellow/ Cambridge Breast Unit
                                                                      Addenbrooke’s Hospital
                                                                      Supervisor:      AD Purushotham

October 1998 to September 2001                 Staff Grade Surgeon
                                                                      Bedford Hospital
                                                                      Supervisors:     Mr. R Foley/ Mr D Skipper
                                                                      Mr A Eldin/ Mr. Parsons
                                                                      Mr M Callam

November 1997 to September 1998             SpR Surgery/ Breast and HPB Surgery
                                                                      Luton & Dunstable Hospital
                                                                      Supervisors:     Mr M Pittam/ Miss S Cheslyn-Curtis

October 1996 to September 1997                SpR Surgery/ Breast, Endocrine & General Surgery
                                                                      Norfolk & Norwich Hospital
                                                                      Supervisors:     Mr DNL Ralphs/ Mr SD Scott

June 1996 to September 1996                      SpR Surgery/ HPB Unit
                                                                      Addenbrookes Hospital
                                                                      Supervisors:     Mr NV Jamieson/ Mr PJ Friend

October 1993 to May 1996                           SpR Surgery/Breast, Endocrine/ GI/ Vascular Surgery
                                                                      Medway Hospital, Gillingham, Kent
                                                                      Supervisors:     Mr DI Beeby/ Mr. O Khan
                                                                      Mr. RW Hoile/ Mr. CM Butler
                                                                      Mr. PJ Webb



Published Abstracts:

4) Charfare H, Cheslyn-Curtis S. Role of Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiography in laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Experience with 500 cases in a DGH. Gut 1999; 44(1): A24.


Surgical treatment of breast cancer as a day case. A questionnaire based survey of 92 patients. East of England Surgical Club meeting:               Bury St Edmunds, May 2004
Comparison of methods of assessing cosmetic outcome following breast-conserving surgery. 8th Annual International Breast Cancer meeting.       Nottingham, September 2003
Role of ERC in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy.  Experience with 600 cases. Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & NI meeting              Brighton, May 1999 Role of ERC in laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Experience with 500 cases in a DGH.
Poster presentation at the BSG meeting               Glasgow, March 1999
5) Charfare H, Cheslyn-Curtis S.
Management of bile duct stones in the era of laparoscopic cholecystectomy.  Experience with 140 ERCs. East Anglia Surgical Club               Bedford, April 1999 Selective use of Duplex Scan in the management of varicose veins.  Review of 100 cases.
East of England vascular society               Great Yarmouth, April 1998
7)   Charfare H Sir Gerald Townsley lecture on Treatment of liver tumours: Experience at  the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer centre under Prof. L. Blumgart.                            Medway Hospital, Feb 1996

Audit and research:

Principle investigator for the following trials
2) Mammo 50
Audits This audit was carried out on 30 patients initially in 2007 followed by a re-audit in 2009. most of the audit criteria according to BSG guidelines were carried out, there was lot of delay in cholecystectomy following an attack of pancreatitis. This was recognised in the first audit but there was no evidence of significant improvement in the re-audit. The need for early cholecystectomy was recognised and surgeons agreed to look at their practice. To compare the outcomes following oesophagectomy at Bedford hospital with the literature in the spirit of clinical governance and to improve outcomes Outcome: In hospital mortality comparable with the published literature. Five year survival following oesophagectomy was 6%. High splenectomy rates (40%) at the time of surgery. Difficult to ascertain reasons for this. Chest complications 48% compared with 20%. Difficult to define what constituted chest infection. Incomplete data and hence prospective audit planned. The aims were to establish complications rates following formation and reversal of defunctioning ileostomy and to improve practice Outcome: Complications post reversal of ileostomy were comparable with published literature. Hospital stay following primary operation and reversal of ileostomy was much longer than expected and this was discussed with discharge planning team, stoma nurses and social services.   This pilot project was carried out jointly between Addenbrooke’s and James Pagets hospital to determine patient satisfaction following reconstruction, complication rate, information given to patients and type of reconstruction project carried out. Outcome: Patients were highly satisfied with their reconstruction (85%). Adequate information was given to the majority so that they could make an informed choice about the procedure and complication rates were low. Based on this audit a national breast reconstruction audit is planned.  Teaching Experience   At all stages of my career I have been involved with teaching medical students, house officers and SHOs and I find it an enjoyable experience which helps maintain my knowledge. I also provide teaching and training opportunities to my junior surgical colleagues, giving opportunistic teaching as a regular feature of my working day, and supervising operative procedures. I have also been involved in support and supervision of nurse practitioners as their clinical role expands. Management: Clinical lead Breast Services Bedford Hospital I have been a clinical lead in breast surgery for the last 6 years and during this time we have made several improvements to the breast service including one stop clinics (for all patients), availability of breast care nurses (increased from 2 to 3 full time), introduction of sentinel node biopsy and availability of breast reconstruction on site with the appointment of a new locum plastic surgeon. Because of increase in number of referrals, I also made a case for a middle grade doctor to help with clinic who is in post for 2 years. The breast service received good outcome at the most recent peer review and screening services review.   Clinical risk lead for general surgery and urology:  As the clinical risk lead, I was involved with assessing mortality and morbidity following surgery and discuss any lessons learnt with the directorate in the audit meetings. Educational supervisor for FY1 and FY2/ core trainees and I am involved with organising training opportunities for both medical students and junior colleagues. Clinical Audit lead: For 4 years from Aug 2005 to Dec 2009

Courses Attended
Sep 2017                  ATLS course, Bedford Hospital
Jan 2017                  Partial breast reconstruction with chest perforator flaps, Peterborough breast unit
Oct 2016                  Breast reconstruction surgery, Cadaveric training day, University Glasgow
Feb 2016                 Speciality skills in breast surgery: Principles in breast reconstruction (lev 1) Royal College of Surgeons, London
Sep 2013                 Component separation for abdominal wall reconstruction with biodesign, freeman Hospital, Newcastle
March 2012             Masters workshop on laparoscopic incisional and ventral hernia repair, MATTU at Guildford, Surrey
Feb 2011                 Advanced laparoscopic biliary surgery course, Royal infirmary, Edinburgh
March 2010             Advanced laparoscopic course, bile duct exploarion, Colchester General Hospital
June 2008               National hernia symposium, focus on inguinal hernia, Cavendish Conference centre, London
November 2007      Ethicon laparoscopic hernia masterclass, Queens medical centre, Nottingham
March 2007             CCriSP instructor Course, Royal College of Surgeon’s of England
October 2006          Laparoscopic incisional hernia repair, European surgical institute, Hamburg, Germany
December 2004      Key advances Masterclass in management of thyroid cancer, Royal College of Pathology, London
February 2004        Changing roles- preparing for a consultant post, Swynford paddocks hotel, New Market
March 2004            Training the trainer course. Addenbrookes hospital, Cambridge
March 2003            Advanced management of breast disease, The Royal College of surgeons of England
November 2002     ATLS at Bedford Hospital, Bedford
March 1999            Laparoscopic Upper I course at the European Surgical Institute in Hamburg, Germany
April 1998               Surgery of the Liver and Bile Ducts, Royal College of Surgeons of England.
April 1997               Liverpool Hepatobiliary Masterclass, The Royal Liverpool University Hospitals, Prescot Street, Liverpool, U.K.
November 1995      Clinical Observer At The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre At New York Under Prof. L.H. Blumgart.
June 1995              ATLS, St George's Hospital, London, U.K.
June 1995              Laproscopic Hernia Repair, Hull Royal Infirmary, Kingston
Upon Hull, U.K.   June 1995                   Basic ERCP for Doctors, Leicester General Hospital, Leicester, U.K. September 1994          Advanced Colorectal Workshop, St Marks Hospital, London January 1994              Essential Laparoscopic Surgery, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee Professor Alfred Cushieri

Hobbies and Extracurricular Activities

  I enjoy reading, fitness, cycling and eating out.  I also enjoy playing various sports particularly cricket and badminton.  

Career Intentions

  As a consultant general surgeon with special interest in Breast and Endocrine and laparoscopic surgery, I deliver evidence based quality care to my patients and participate in research and audit. This will enable me to be up to date with the current management of different surgical conditions and also reflect upon my practice. I have enjoyed teaching and training junior colleagues throughout my medical career and I completed the certificate of medical education course from University of beds and as a consultant I am actively involved with teaching undergraduate medical students from University of Cambridge and also in training junior doctors.   I regularly teach on the Bedford CCrISP course for last 8 years and have directed the course 3 times.   In the long term, I wish to focus more on providing high quality Breast service and get involved with oncoplastic breast surgery.  

For Appointment:
Tel:07535502085 | 01234 247414