Dr.Enson Thomas




He has a keen interest in pulmonary physiology and is the lead respiratory physician for non‐ invasive ventilation, lung function and sleep medicine.    His research interests include interstitial lung disease, asthma and COPD and he is currently involved in various clinical trials.

Dr Thomas is interested in all aspects of Respiratory Medicine including airway disorders, interstitial lung disorders and malignant diseases of the lungs. He has a particular interest in Sleep Medicine and conducts Diagnostic Sleep Studies (Limited Polysomnography) and CPAP Titrations and prescriptions for the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and other complex sleep disorders.

Dr Thomas is happy to see any patients with disturbed sleep and day time sleepiness and tiredness.  He also regularly performs bronchoscopies (camera examination of the inside of the breathing tubes) and lung function studies. He is also interested in medico legal work and has done extensive work amongst coal miners and patients with asbestos induced lung disease

For Appointment:

Tel:07535502085 | 01234 247414