Abbie Bell

Abbie Bell

Abbie Bell MSc
Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist

Qualifications: BACPR level 4 Cardiac Exercise Instructor
MSc Preventive Cardiology, Imperial College London
BSc with honours Sport and Exercise Science, University of Kent
NVQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
NVQ Level 2 Gym Instructor
REPS certified
Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work

About Me: I am a qualified Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist, with experience in a range of cardiac rehabilitation programmes across the country. Alongside this, I am currently studying a PhD at the University of Bedfordshire, where I am looking at how reducing sedentary behaviour can act as a tool for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, thus my practice as a cardiac rehabilitation exercise specialist is all evidence based, supported by the most up to date research. I also currently work at Bedford Hospital as a Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise specialist in their phase III cardiac rehabilitation programme.

What is phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation?
Following a cardiac event, recovery is essential to get you back to a healthy lifestyle. Cardiac rehabilitation supports you to do so. Previous research suggests that regular adherence to cardiac rehabilitation results in a 26% reduced risk of another cardiac event from taking place.
However, phase III cardiac rehabilitation (offered in hospitals) is often short term, not allowing you to fully make them lifestyle changes needed. Therefore, phase IV cardiac rehabilitation focuses on this, offering a long-term lifestyle plan. It focuses on personalised, regular exercise, nutrition and a balanced diet, as well as managing other risk factors specific to you.

What can Cardiac Rehabilitation do for me?
1) Improved fitness
2) Reduced total cholesterol, LDLs and triglycerides
3) Reduction in weight
4) Improved hormone regulation in the blood
5) Improvement in overall quality of life, both physically and mentally
6) Reduction in hospital admissions
7) Reduction in the risk of a further cardiac event
8) Reduction in the risk of mortality
This list is not exhaustive!

What we offer
Initial Assessment
Exercise fitness testing
One to one personalised sessions (with or without partner/ relative)
Home lifestyle plans (Individual or Families)

For Appointment:
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